Our services focus on our Partner's needs and opportunities. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.


China is the fastest-growing country in the world now. full of vigor and vitality, You can find it's changing and full of opportunities everywhere all the time. However, China has a unique culture and communicating way, it's hard to understand and work with local people as a foreigner.

As wikipedia says: "Ants has been alive about 140 million years, Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth.and Ants have an ability to solve complex problems together"

We use Ant's spirit to represent our willpower to keep our company mission.

About Us

ANTS-LINK is belong to TCS Group, it's a trading company. We care for our clients' business as our own, they know we're in this together.

What We Do

When someone asks what we do ANTS-LINK, it's tempting to point out our four-decade track record for helping to transform business and service between the world's great companies's business and china. It's true, our mission is to help you find business opportunities, expand Business and explore china. We build relationships based on trust, and respect, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

ANTS-LINK is a China based company working with three separate divisions:
* Want a Product Agent in China
* Import & Export products from China
* Start a new project in China

No matter what business you are doing or you want to do in future in China, welcome to contact us. Let us help you make your business easier!

Group Industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Latex
  • Medical Equipment
  • Logitics
  • Food
  • Led

What Others say About Us

We have worked with ANTS-LINK for more than ten years.As a German enterprise we face a variety of challenges in China to carry out business. In the process of developing in the market,ANTS-LINK's service and help is very important.


Together, we find value across boundaries, develop insights to act on, and energize teams to sustain success. We're passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities, even if it isn't easy.

News Item 01

Is 'Made in China 2025' a Threat to Global Trade?

Made in China 2025 seeks to engineer a shift for China from being a low-end manufacturer to becoming a high-end producer of goods. The goal is to tap into China's increasingly wealthy home consumer base as well as...

Posted: 08.Jan.2019
News Item 02

CPhI Worldwide

The world's largest pharmaceutical exhibition, CPhI Worldwide houses six individual pharma events covering all industry sectors, from ingredients and FDF, to machinery, packaging, outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals.

Posted: 09.Oct.2018
News Item 03

Don't miss chance to explore chines market!

China to surpass US as world's biggest consumer market this year. HONG KONG -- China is expected to overtake the U.S. to become the world's largest consumer of goods this year despite a slowdown in the economy and retail sales, according to a research report.

Posted: 24.01.2019


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